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Scheduling & Cancellation

Traditionally scheduling has been anything but simple. You have to call, hope someone picked up, and go through your availability day by day hoping for the stars to align just to have a play date with the helicopter.  

But it does not have to be that hard.

We know this, and that is why we have teamed up with FlightCircle to bring students easy online scheduling.

Click below to be transferred to our log in page.

Not a member yet? No problem! Send us an email (Contact Us) and we will set it up for you. Yes it really can be just that simple.

For intro rides and Groupons, you will have to call us to schedule (708-301-4819).

Groupons and Intro rides

Please Note our cancellation policy is as follows:

Once you make an appointment, it is your responsibility show up at the appointed time. If something comes up it is up to you to call us a minimum of 1 day in advance and reschedule. If you do not call in advance the helicopter will be waiting, fuel will be purchased, and the pilot will be standing by. Because of this we reserve the right to redeem your voucher to cover our expenses.

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