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Flight Instructor

Hello All. A little about myself, I took my first helicopter flight in January 2011 and have since logged 100's of hours in R22s and a 150+ in R44s. I hope to eventually fly for law enforcement, and casually (not professionally) bump into  past students. Flight instructing has its ups and downs, but meeting and working with all of you is definitely one of the more interesting aspects of instructing.

Flight Instructor

Hi my name is Eric, from my first flight in a helicopter I knew that's what I wanted to do. The challenge for me has always been what industry do I want to fly for? I have been a flight instructor for 6+ years, and have accumulated 1000's of flight hours, I have also done Ag spraying, and am currently working on becoming a EMS Pilot. I will do my best to offer my experience to all of you, so that you can avoid making the mistakes that I have made...and instead you can make some new ones.

Unknown Fellow 
Flight Instructor


Are you a flight instructor? Do you have someone who wants to learn how to fly, but you don't have an aircraft to teach them in? Contact us and see if you meet our insurance qualifications.

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